• To provide a safe, warm and nurturing home for adult women with developmental disabilities
  • To engage a live-in house manager who will provide consistent support, supervision and encouragement to the residents
  • To support the residents as they continue to strive toward meeting personal goals
  • To create a family atmosphere that will encourage the residents to participate in decision-making, housekeeping and social life according to their abilities
  • To encourage residents to participate in community life including family relationships, church life and work (paid and/or volunteer) in accordance with their interests and abilities
  • To seek the support of the wider community (partners, agencies, service groups, etc.) to help the residents participate in the life of the community
  • To provide to the community a model whereby adults with developmental disabilities can live meaningful, independent lives, with continued family support.

“We want homes in the community where a spirit of mutual support and a respect for individuality and differences in others will lead to rewarding interdependent relationships.”  – the parents


 The Board of Casa De Angelae works in partnership with Community Living Trent Highlands